Visit Cahuita: the exotic Caribbean treasure

[Video] Visit Cahuita: the exotic Caribbean treasure


Anclado en la costa caribeña, Cahuita es uno de los tesoros únicos que esconde nuestra hermosa Costa Rica. Es uno de esos lugares paradisíacos que parecen una pintura viva y uno de los destinos predilectos de los viajeros extranjeros que buscan rincones exóticos, sin embargo, es un destino que aún muchos ticos no conocen. Por eso, Conozca su Cantón salió a recorrer Cahuita desde los aires y desde la tierra para que conozcamos esta joya caribeña y nos antojemos de salir a descubrir nuestras bellezas.

mapaCanton to which it belongs to:


icono-map-150x150How to get there?

It is located in the province of Limón, 42 km South of the city of Limón, to get to Cahuita you have to reach the city of Limón and take the road leading Southeast of Limón to Sixaola for 42 kilometers. There is good signage along the way.

calendarioBest season to go

The best time of year in terms of the weather in the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica is February, March, June, September and October. The weather is usually warm and sunny and the sea is clear and calm. Perfect for activities such as snorkeling, diving, kayaking, swimming, among other sports.

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The history of Cahuita…

The name Cahuita comes from the terms «Kawe» which means «Sangrillo» (a tree from the area) and «Ta» which means «tip», on other words «Punta Sangrillo».

The community has strong cultural ties with the calypso music and authentic Caribbean cuisine. The main attraction of Cahuita is the exotic beauty of Cahuita’s National Park, which is accessed by walking through a path from Cahuita’s town or Puerto Vargas.

The park has an area of 1,102 hectares of forest, 600 hectares of reef and 23,290 hectares of marine area. It is the birthplace of natural beauty, one of the few corners of the country where the forest really hits the sea. So it is the ideal place to enjoy the beach and unspoiled nature in one place instead.

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The park hides long trails in the forest, white sand beaches and turquoise waters. There is biodiversity on every corner, so it is the perfect place for birds and wild animals sighting.

In addition, the park has one of the largest and richest coral reefs of the Caribbean coast and one of the most important in Costa Rica and Central America. That is one of the main attractions for those who want to do snorkeling or diving.

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Cahuita National Park is also a nesting site for the leatherback turtle, so between the months of March and July you may see them lay their eggs on the beaches.

colones-195x300Fee: to enter the national park foreigners must pay a fee of US $ 10 and locals a fee of 1,000 colones.

playaActivities and tours 

If in addition to the visit to the park, you want to take advantage of the tours here you will find a small guide of good activities to do:

snorkel-parque-nacional-cahuitaSnorkel at Cahuita’s National Park: one of the most coveted tours offers a scenic 20 minute ride by boat, and during that tour two you get to do two snorkel sessions to see the best of the reefs. Then you get to Punta Cahuita to make a guided walk of more than 3 kilometers from the coastal rainforest.

  • -Approximate price: US$ 40 per person
  • -Departure at 8: 30 AM, the tour lasts 4 hours
  • -Contact:  (+506) 2755-10-24

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kayakKayak by the river and sea: the best way to discover one of the most beautiful places in the area: Punta Uva. The trip consists of three sections, first you go on a kayaking trip in the sea to a coast full of cliffs, caves and tropical forest. Then you row up to the river and to a magnificent rainforest. Then when you go back to the beach you take a break before hiking to the great viewpoint of Punta Uva.

  • -Approximate price: US$ 49 por persona
  • -Departure at 8:00 AM, the tour lasts 4.5 hours
  • -Contact:  (+506) 2755-10-24

costa_rica__indig_cosechaVisit to the indigenous town: from Cahuita you can visit the Bribri Community Watsi in the Talamanca Mountains. The tour begins with a walk in the forest, which will take you to a waterfall. Then, a garden of medicinal plants are visited to learn about indigenous natural treatments and then a visit to a traditional family of five Bribri generations to learn about their way of life and heritage. Tourists can participate in the process of creating organic ancestral chocolate  using pre-Columbian tools. You can also participate in a demonstration of hunting with bow and typical arrows along with a Bribri local.


  • -Approximate price: US$ 60 per person
  • -Departure at 8:30 AM, 6 hour tour
  • -Contact: (+506) 2755-10-24

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Recommendations (hotels)

persona-tumbada-en-la-cama-dentro-de-una-casa_318-44309Cabinas Los Tucanes

  • Cabins with pool
  • Approximate price per night: between US$ 50 and US$120
  • Contact: (+506) 2755-0159

persona-tumbada-en-la-cama-dentro-de-una-casa_318-44309Caribbean Coconut

  • Cabins with pool and restaurant
  • Approximate price per night: between US$ 40 and US$80
  • Contact: (+506) 2755-0483

persona-tumbada-en-la-cama-dentro-de-una-casa_318-44309New Caribe Point

  • Villas with pool
  • Approximate price per night: between US$135 and US$250
  • Contact: (+506) 2755-0045

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persona-tumbada-en-la-cama-dentro-de-una-casa_318-44309Villa Delmar

  • Bungalows and houses
  • Approximate price per night: between US$20 and US$40
  • Contact: (+506) 2755-0392

persona-tumbada-en-la-cama-dentro-de-una-casa_318-44309Hotel Suizo Loco Lodge

  • Hotel with pool
  • Approximate price per night: between US$100 and US$140
  • Contact: (+506) 2755-0349

persona-tumbada-en-la-cama-dentro-de-una-casa_318-44309El Encanto

  • Hotel with pool
  • Approximate price per night: between US$75 and US$250
  • Contact: (+506) 2755-0113

persona-tumbada-en-la-cama-dentro-de-una-casa_318-44309Hotel Kelly Creek

  • Hotel right next to the National Park
  • Approximate price per night: between US$60 and US$70
  • Contact: (+506) 2755-0007

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The beaches that must be visited:

  • Blanca Beach
  • Punta Cahuita
  • Punta Uva Beach
  • Puerto Vargas
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