Top pizzerias of Costa Rica

Top pizzerias of Costa Rica


Now it is the turn for the pizza lovers because who does not love pizza? Who can resist the exquisite taste of the tomato, melted cheese and the crispy crust? Here at Conozca Su Cantón, we confirmed that ticos (Costa Ricans) love this dish, originated in Italy, very much since the offer of pizzerias in every province is significant.

For that reason, we decided to track the best ones in each province through their scores in, to make it easier for you to find them but we are also open to suggestions and recommendations. We took into account the amount of reviews and also the score (from 0 to 5), to create the list. These are the best options we found:

–San José–

The Corner Pizzería and Cafetería

the corner

the corner 1


Offers delicious gourmet pizzas, accompanied by a glass of wine, salads, desserts and other options for vegetarians. It also has delivery service.

calificaciónScore: 154 reviews for a score of 4.5.

icono-map-150x150Location: 100mts South from Pizza Hut in Paseo Colón, in front of Sala Garbo.

horario-150x132Schedule: from 12 md. to 3:00 pm. and from 6:00 pm. to 10:00 pm.

telefono-70x70Contact: 2255-3333

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Pane E Vino

pane e vino 1 pane e vino

Excellent Italian restaurant with a varied menu that includes, soups, pizza and calzones, fresh pastas, light menu and desserts. Besides, they usually have special offers.

calificaciónScore: 131 reviews for a score of 3.5.

icono-map-150x150Location: they have venues in different places in San José, including Escazú, San Pedro, Plaza Carolina, Santa Ana, Sabana Norte, Rohrmoser, Real Cariari Shopping Mall and in Tres Ríos in Cartago and Heredia.

horario-150x132Schedule: 12 m.d. to 10:00 pm.

telefono-70x70Contact: 2288-2740


Restaurante 1910

1910 2 1910 1

A cozy restaurant with a great offer of pizzas, focaccias, craft beer and coffee.

calificaciónScore: 109 reviews with a score of 4.

icono-map-150x150Location: 300mts North from the intersection between Cot and Pacayas, on the road to the Irazú Volcano.

horario-150x132Schedule: from 11:30 am. to 9:00 pm.

telefono-70x70Contact: 2536-6063

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Il Piaceri Pizzería

il piaceri il pliaceri

It is a real pleasure to taste the delicious pizzas of this restaurant. They offer traditional flavors, hawaiian, vegetarian, napolitan, combos, meat, fish and chicken, pastas, saldas, and much more. Delivery service available.

calificaciónScore: with just 4 reviews a score of 4, but that out it in second place.

icono-map-150x150Location: 50 mts West from Walmart in Cartago.

horario-150x132Contact: 2591-5263


Parker`s Pizza

parkers parkers 1

Like home made Italian cuisine, exquisite food, a comfortable environment and great customer service. Delivery service and special events.

calificaciónScore: 19 reviews gave it the perfect score of 5.

icono-map-150x150Location: 65 mts South from Correos de Costa Rica in Alajuela.

horario-150x132Schedule: 12 md to 9:00 pm.

telefono-70x70Contact: 2440-6046

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ragu ragu 1

Restaurant with a family environment, that also offers a pizza executive menu accompanied by salad and a drink for ₡3500, they also have an executive menu with chicken, fish or meat, with rice, salad and a natural drink for ₡4000.

calificaciónScore: 37 reviews gave it a score of 4.5.

icono-map-150x150Location: located 500 mts South from the Tropicana in Alajuela.

horario-150x132Schedule: 11:00 am. to 9:30 pm.

telefono-70x70Contact: 2440-7127


Nonno’s Pizzería

nonnos 1 nonnos

Artisan italian food. They have pizzas from ₡2700 to ₡8200, in addition to other specialties like calzones, focaccias, pastas, spirali, panino, grissini, dolci and many combos to choose from.

calificaciónScore: with 118 reviews it got a score of 4.5 and TripAdvisor gave it a Certificate of Excellence.

icono-map-150x150Location: 225 mts East from the agency of the Banco Nacional in San Joaquín of Flores, Heredia.

telefono-70x70Contact: 2265-2424

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L’Antica Roma


Another great option in Heredia, with a family environment, huge pizzas and great sangrias. They offer special discounts for their customers.

calificaciónScore: with 171 opinions, it got a score of 4.

icono-map-150x150Location: 300 mts North and 100 mts West from the Universidad Nacional, in front of the Hotel Valladolid.

horario-150x132Schedule: 12 md. to 11:00 pm.

telefono-70x70Contact: 2262-9073



matobe matobes

Considered one of the best pizzerias of Puntarenas, it also offers other known dishes of the Italian gastronomy , mojitos, sangrias, great prices and good customer service.

calificaciónScore: 40 of their cutomers gave it a score of 4.5 points.

icono-map-150x150Location: 200 mts South from the Stadium Lito Pérez in Puntarenas.

Ctelefono-70x70ontact: 2661-3498

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Pizza Pata

pizza pata pizza pata 2

A great option for those who love pizza due to its size and great price. Its preparation is delicious and you can also enjoy it in Lindora and San Pedro.

calificaciónScore: even though it only has 2 reviews registered, the score was a perfect 5.

icono-map-150x150Location: Plaza Coral, Jacó.


Pizzería Cahuita


Eat a delicious pizza in front of the Caribbean sea, at great prices. Besides they also have desserts and a variety of Italian food with sea ingredients.

calificaciónScore: with 276 reviews it got a score of 4.5.

icono-map-150x150Location: 50 mts West from the Police Station in Cahuita.


Marcos Pizzería


A magical gastronomic experience, in which you could be enjoying a delicious pizza in front of the sea of Puerto Viejo, surrounded by nature. They also have vegetarian options and cocktails discounts.

calificaciónScore: 118 of their customers gave it a score of 4.5.

icono-map-150x150Location: 10 mts after the Baily bridge in Puerto Viejo.

telefono-70x70Contact: 2750-2111


Pizzería La Baula


Around 28 different kinds of pizzas at a place that looks magical and elegant. They also offer salads and desserts, including the famous gelatos.

calificaciónScore: it has 984 reviews from their customers and a score of 4.5.

icono-map-150x150Location: behind the Banco Nacional in Tamarindo, Guanacaste.

horario-150x132Schedule: 5:30 pm. to 10:30 pm.

telefono-70x70Contact: 2653-1450

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La Pachanga


Italian cuisine restaurant with a great and calm beach environment.

calificaciónScore: 320 people gave it a score of 4.5.

icono-map-150x150Location: 50 mts East from the Hotel Pasatiempo in Tamarindo.

telefono-70x70Contact: 8347-7001

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