Top 15 restaurants that offer executive lunch menu

Top 15 restaurants that offer executive lunch menu


We all deserve enjoying our meals, but sometimes due to the routine and work we neglect our lunch, so we end up choosing fast food to get by or we visit the same restaurant over and over again. Here at Conozca su Cantón we want to make your life easier by creating this list of good restaurants within the Greater Metropolitan Area (GMA), the ones that offer executive menu because we know the importance of saving money. This list gives you 15 options all of those fulfilled the good, nice and cheap requirements.

Remember that we are always looking for new recommendations so please help us make this list get longer. Bonne appetite!

Gran Oporto Restaurante

Lovely café and restaurant with an extensive menu of appetizers, pastas, salads, crepes, main dishes and desserts. It also has a meeting room.

restaurant2_6756Meal: appetizer, main dish, drink and dessert.

colones-195x300Price: ₡4.500

icono-map-150x150Location: 100 meters South and 300 meters West from the San Francisco (Heredia) church in Heredia’s downtown.

telefono-70x70Contact: 2263-2059

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Carbón y Sabor: Grill and salad bar

carbon y sabor carbon y sabor 1

It is a restaurant with several options of executive menu, from Monday to Friday starting at 11 am. until 2 pm.

restaurant2_6756Meal: you have several options of meat, rice or salad to choose from, arroz o ensalada, natural drink, and other and other accompaniments.

colones-195x300Price: depends on the meal, from ₡3500 up to ₡5800.

icono-map-150x150Location: Mall San Pedro 3rd floor, food court, venue 3-36.

telefono-70x70Contact:  2281-2775

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Restaurant Tapaboca

Spanish cuisine, they offer different dishes every day at a great price.

restaurant2_6756Meal: salad, main dish and dessert, it varies according to the menu that day.

icono-map-150x150Location: 450 meters West from Tacobell, in front of the Law School of the UCR, Barrio Dent.

colones-195x300Price: ₡4.000

telefono-70x70Contact: 2225-4873

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Rostipollos Rostipollos 2

This franchise has many options even though they do not have an executive menu, besides the «casados» (rice, beans, salad, meat and plantains) and «antojitos» they offer an economic menu which is an excellent alternative for those looking for an executive menu.

restaurant2_6756Meal: rice and chicken, sandwich Lorenzo, chicken chalupa, among others.

colones-195x300Price: ₡3995.

icono-map-150x150Location: Paseo Metrópoli, Terramall, Desamparados, Multiplaza Curridabat, Curridabat, San Pedro, San José, Guadalupe, Plaza Lincoln, Tibás, La Sabana, Escazú, Paseo de las Flores, Heredia, Multiplaza Escazú, Santa Ana, Real Cariari and Alajuela.

telefono-70x70Contact: 2217-8787

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La Casona del Cerdo

Another option to enjoy lean cuts of pork meat, with products of the most high quality and a family environment.

restaurant2_6756Meal: main dish plus a natural drink and dessert. They have «olla de carne» (soup with meat) on Fridays.

icono-map-150x150Location: 200 meters East from the main entrance of the Brewery of Costa Rica, Mall La Ribera de Belén, Plaza Rohrmoser and East Multiplaza.

colones-195x300Price: ₡4.500

telefono-70x70Contact: 2265-4444, 2239-2716, 2231-3175, 2281-3535.

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Denny’s Costa Rica

American style restaurant with a «Value Lunch» menu, Monday to Friday from 11 am. to 3 pm.

restaurant2_6756Meal: main dish, drink and a cup of ice cream.

icono-map-150x150Location: Denny’s in Momentum Pinares, Curridabat; Denny’s at the Juan Santamaría Airport, Alajuela and Denny’s Irazú.

telefono-70x70Contact: 2290-2321

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Sake Restaurant

sake 1 sake

Asian cuisine restaurant that offers sushi, salads, snacks, mear and rice.

restaurant2_6756Meal: different options with red meat or chicken, with vegetables, rice, miso soup and green salad.

colones-195x300Fee: starting at ₡5900.

icono-map-150x150Location: Momentum Lindora, venue 29, Santa Ana.

telefono-70x70Contact: 2282-9494

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Magnolia Restaurant

Magnolia 2 Magnolia 1

They have a varied menu at affordable prices, where you can find from the typical «casado» to a delicious steak or a tempting Mediterranean dish.

restaurant2_6756Meal: lunch Monday to Friday from 11:30 am to 2 pm.

icono-map-150x150Location: Club Casino Colonial, 1st Avenue.

colones-195x300Price: ₡4.500

telefono-70x70Contact: 2258-2807.

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Olio Restaurant

A restaurant with pub and Mediterranean style with vegetarian and meat «tapas», sea food, carpaccios, antipasto, salads, soups and desserts.

restaurant2_6756Meal: the executive menu changes every day, it includes appetizer, main course, natural drink, dessert and coffee.

colones-195x300Price: ₡4200.

icono-map-150x150Location: 400 meters East from Antigua Aduana, in Barrio Escalante.

telefono-70x70Contact: 2281-0541

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La Casona del Cerro

la casona del cerro

Several meat and traditional meal options.

restaurant2_6756Meal: rice, beans, vegetables, meat and drink.

icono-map-150x150Location: East Multiplaza in Curridabat

colones-195x300Price: ₡4500.

telefono-70x70Contact: 2281-3535 ó 2253-7777



q cafe q cafe 1

They offer a complete executive menu, with multiple choices, cooked to order and at an affordable price. Great choice to consume food prepared for your health and well-being.

restaurant2_6756Meal: every day is different, value lunch with beef fajitas, shellfish spaghetti , flat bread, chef’s salad and lunch burger.

colones-195x300Price: ₡4450.

icono-map-150x150Location: Second floor Monumental old building, San José.

telefono-70x70Contact: 4056-5604.

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This famous chicken wings restaurant has now a Happy Lunch option, Monday to Friday from 11:30am to 3pm.

restaurant2_6756Meal: 15 different dishes with low-calories options such as tomate soup, broccoli, clams and salads.

colones-195x300Fee: 4500. 

icono-map-150x150Location: San Pedro, Tibás-Moravia, Escazú, Cartago, Alajuela, Heredia.

telefono-70x70Contact: 2234-0317, 4033-1664, 2588-2340, 2573-3880, 2519-9099, 2237-9957.




Mexican cuisine with chalupas, tacos, guacamole, soups, salads, fajitas, and so much more.

restaurant2_6756Meal: serving of protein and accompaniments.

icono-map-150x150Location: behind the old BK, in front of the  Hispanidad fountain in San Pedro of Montes de Oca.

colones-195x300Fee: ₡4900

telefono-70x70Contact: 2225-9525

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Japanese style restaurant that offers different bento box options as their executive menu.

restaurant2_6756Meal: you could choose teriyaki chicken, meat or seafood. Includes miso soup, salad, dessert or coffee.

icono-map-150x150Location: Curridabat, Santa Ana, San Pedro, Pinares, Plaza Lincoln and Escazú.

colones-195x300Price: from ₡6490 up to ₡7950

telefono-70x70Contact: 2280-5522

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Gastro Bar en la 38

Spanish restaurant and bar

restaurant2_6756Meal: different menu every day, Mediterranean dishes.

colones-195x300Price: ₡6500 per person.

icono-map-150x150Location: 3rd Avenue, 38th and 40th Street, San José.

telefono-70x70Contact: 2547-2325

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Sofía Mediterráneo

Mediterranean cuisine in a very relax environment and with great customer service. Executive menu available from Tuesday to Friday.

restaurant2_6756Meal: depends on the day, it could be chicken with potatoes, spaghetti, or fish, and dessert.

colones-195x300Price: ₡5000.

icono-map-150x150Location: in front of  Intensa in Barrio Escalante, 33rd Street.

telefono-70x70Contact: 2224-5050


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