Top 10 cafeterias of San José

Top 10 cafeterias of San José


Some people say that cities are represented by their coffee, and if this is true then San José is a wonderful city. However, just a few people really know those unique corners that our city hides. We believe that cafeterias are havens for the citizens of busy places, so we created this list with the ones you must visit.

Cozy retreats that are ideal to relax with the addictive aroma of a coffee, to have long conversations and meditate. Retreats where you can disconnect yourself from the noise for a while and enjoy your time with company or by yourself listening to the rain.

If you have other recommendations please let us know so we can add them to the list, in the meantime find below the top 10 cafeterias:

Café Rojo

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This place is ideal to get some distance from the city and to feel as if you were at your granny’s house right in the middle of the quiet mountains. It is charming and really nice to be there, one of those places where you wish you did not have to live.

icono-map-150x150Where is it located? from the French Alliance building, 120 meters West, next to the bar La Marinita

cafeWhat do they offer? both their cold and hot coffee are just delicious. They also offer yummy desserts to accompany a good cup of coffee, their customers always recommend the carrot cake. Their lunch menu is varied, their daily special options combine Costa Rican cuisine with others such as Thai and Italian. Their sandwiches and pupusas (Salvadorian dish) are famous and they also have on their menu, vegetarian and vegan food and organic products.

horario-150x132Schedule: every day from 12:00 PM to 7:00 PM

telefono-70x70Contact: 2221 2425

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One of those havens that make you love San José, it is not only cozy and welcoming but also very varied: you can choose among 23 different coffee types according to the place where it was cultivated and from more than 10 preparation techniques.

icono-map-150x150Where is it located? 31st Street 5th Avenue, Barrio Escalante, San José. 100 meters East from the Parque Francia in Barrio Escalante, inside the Restaurant Kalu.

cafeWhat do they offer? you can shop coffee and chocolate. They also have a Gourmet restaurant, with desserts and delicious coffee. The baristas love to recommend coffee and they even teach their clients curiosities about it.

horario-150x132Schedule: everyday from 08:00 AM to 08:00 PM

telefono-70x70Contact: 2253-8426 // 2253-8367

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Mantras Veggie Cafe and Tea House

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Ideal to eat healthy and delicious food. A very fresh and pleasant place.

icono-map-150x150Where is it located? Barrio Escalante. Diagonal to Whappin restaurant

cafeWhat do they offer? they offer vegetarian and vegan food and organic products.

horario-150x132Schedule: every day from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

telefono-70x70Contact: 2253 6715

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Café Miel

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One of those small but amazing places, perfect for a relax afternoon because this place conveys happiness and positivity everywhere.

icono-map-150x150Where is it located? there is one behind Casa Amarilla, another one 300 meters East and 50 meters North from the INS and the newest one in San Pedro 175 meters North from Jimenez y Tanzi, 25 meters before the Universidad Latina.

cafeWhat do they offer? their specialty is cold coffee and all of their combinations, and their bakery is a haven for those with sweet tooth.

horario-150x132Schedule: everyday from 9:00 AM to  6:00 PM

telefono-70x70Contact: +506 6238 3848

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Café del Club Unión

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This is a real oasis in the heart of the city, you can drink a coffee while admiring the subtle beauty behind the busy life of San José.

icono-map-150x150Where is it located? in front of the building of Correos de Costa Rica

cafeWhat do they offer? they offer cold and hot coffee, and lunch with a glass of wine.

horario-150x132Schedule: everyday from 08: 00 AM to 6:00 PM

telefono-70x70Contact: 2257 1555 Ext 210

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Viva Café

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It is a colorful and cozy place to rest, they offer coffee from five regions of Costa Rica and a special type of grain from Panamá.

Es un colorido y acogedor sitio de reposo. Ofrece café de cinco regiones de Costa Rica y un grano especial de Panamá.

icono-map-150x150Where is it located? 23rd Street, Central Avenue and 1st Avenue, Barrio la California.

cafeWhat do they offer? they have a menu with many choices, they offer panini, smoothies , cinnamon rolls, pie and other desserts. During the evening and nights they usually have live music to enjoy your coffee.

horario-150x132Schedule: everyday from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

telefono-70x70Contact: 2222 2551

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This is an intimate and cozy place, it feels like a home away from home. Also, this is the ideal place to taste Naranjo’s coffee.

icono-map-150x150Where is it located? 20 meters East from the Casa Amarilla in Barrio Amón

cafeWhat do they offer? not only they have great coffee but also delicious homemade food and a menu of desserts that you cannot skip.

horario-150x132Schedule:  Abierto everyday from 10:30 AM to 6:30 PM

telefono-70x70Contact: 2222 8272

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Café del Barista

If what you are looking for is the best quality, you must visit this cafeteria. They work with the coffee mills Herbazú, in Lourdes of Naranjo, and  Don Mayo, in San Marcos of Tarrazú both winners of the Cup of Excellence on several occasions.

icono-map-150x150Where is it located? Barrio Aranjuez

cafeWhat do they offer? besides the most creative coffee combinations, they have an inexpensive buffet lunch menu.

horario-150x132Schedule: everyday from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM

telefono-70x70Contact: 2221 4712

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Café Mundo

A small place but it hides the magic of a good coffee, and it is located in San José downtown.

icono-map-150x150Where is it located? 0 and 2nd Avenue, 11th Street | West side of the Caja de Ande.

cafeWhat do they offer? they have the most amazing bakery and dessert menu. Brewed coffee makes you feel at home and you can forget about the busy lifestyle of the city. They also offer a lunch menu with great prices.

horario-150x132Schedule: open from 09:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M

telefono-70x70Contact: 2222 4546

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 Alma de Café

Located inside the National Theater, this cafeteria has an special charm and not only for its location but also due to the quality. They are a certified five star restaurant which means that they have to follow certain standards such as great customer service and fresh products. In Costa Rica there are only a few restaurants that have this certification and that makes Alma de Café a mandatory stop for your afternoon coffee.

icono-map-150x150Where is it located? National Theater, Second Avenue between 3rd and 5th Street.

cafeWhat do they offer? their specialty is the preparation of drinks using gourmet coffee, juices with the fresh season fruit, 

en la elaboración de todo tipo de bebidas a base de café gourmet, preparación de jugos en fruta fresca de la época, salty dishes and artisan desserts.

telefono-70x70Contact: 2010-1119



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