Why is it important to have a website?

Why is it important to have a website?


Previously, the company websites were used for information purposes only, on the state of business and the catalog of products or services.

Today the importance of a good virtual presence of any organization or institution is very well known. As this directly impacts the results of their economic and/or social interests. In this hyper-connected world, not having a website accompanied by another presence on the Internet, it is like declaring the death of a business.

In Costa Rica 95% of people possess a cell phone, 52% of these have internet access. To this we must add the fact that e-commerce has grown 33% in the last year.


We need to see products, get quotes and buy online, this due to the security and speed of the new platforms, which saves time and offers many facilities.

The web portal by itself is not everything, it is only a small part of the overall strategy of Marketing and Sales of a business. The online presence must be well managed in order to have measurable and surmountable consequences in different areas of the business or organization. This involves several factors such as branding, effective communication, cost reduction, among others.

The importance of Branding for a business and its products

The value of a brand can be measured, there is even a formal market in which intellectual property and possession of a brand with intangible assets highly coveted, negotiated, sold and purchased. Thus the success of a modern brand depends directly on the value that it has in the consumer’s mind.

Regardless of the category of the business or organization, the value of the brand and the products and services offered should be boosted. The most effective and efficient way to achieve this is through advertising campaigns, and these have a high component of internet presence.

Being successful on the internet is not simply having a website or social network designed by an informal offeror. A serious strategy of virtual presence requires expert advice, what you see on the screen is a business card of a company or service.

Low cost of sales thanks to e-commerce

In Costa Rica there are nearly 200 websites that offer e-commerce or Internet sales. And this is a trend that just keeps increasing. It is imperative for companies to recognize the importance of joining this tendency.

If we look at the cost structure of a particular industry we can identify many costs associated with the distribution and sales channels which could be reduced or even eliminated if instead of using only traditional channels, they got involved in electronic commerce. This is because a transaction generates distribution and delivery costs once a sale is confirmed. Payment can be by bank transfer, credit card or debit card or by recognized and reliable platforms like PayPal.

This cost reduction can be extended to other business areas, such as costs related to the maintenance of inventory, warehousing and vehicle fleet. For all this and more, e-commerce represents a great opportunity for any venture in Costa Rica.

Increased efficiency and effectiveness in the processes

With the implementation of an appropriate virtual presence strategy, many business processes can be optimized. This is because there is a particular phase of the virtual strategy that must take place before designing any website.

This is because it would be worthless to deploy a feast of virtual presence if when customers go to the business place to consume, the staff and business processes are not ready to receive them. Therefore, before the design, development and launch of a strategy, the business should be aligned so that it is ready to receive the high volume of benefits that come with the new site, and improve social networks, e-campaigning and e-commerce, where applicable.

Indisputable improvement in communication with customers and users

You do not always need to hire a Social Media Manager or a specialist in web traffic to enjoy the benefits of expanding communication channels, customers and users; just have a strategic ally to be responsible for that task.

You can also easily expand the customer base by sending newsletters with a certain frequency, as well as e-mail blasts. Both are techniques that, if properly used, have shown short term/benefits regardless of the type of service or product offered.

More sales, more revenue, healthier finance

On the Internet, the costs of advertising campaigns are much cheaper, if compared with other advertising plans. You could implement a complete virtual strategy with the budget of a billboard. In addition, web advertising can be directed to specific customer segments, by age, profession, gender and consumption habits to mention a few.

Finally, the more a business sells at a lower cost, the greater the revenue and therefore it results in healthier finances. Consequently, obtaining positive financial statements that will allow to continue innovating in products, services and business in general.

What happens every time someone searches the Internet for a product or service that a company without Internet presence also offers, but the others do offer them online? a potential customer is lost and thereby, a sale.

If a website does not have a proper domain, is poorly structured and does not provide a good user experience is not built with the best practices of the digital industry, it does not appear in the search engines, not on the first 5 to 8 results of the first page, so the company is losing money. It is not only important to have a website, but to have the best one is.

An organization with solid financial statements should follow the golden rule should of having a site and having the best presence, besides having staff to monitor ongoing consultations and provide customer support.



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