Google’s Top 10 trends of 2015

Google’s Top 10 trends of 2015


Among the recounting of events, rankings and lists each year end, Google’s most popular search has a privileged place. This is the report prepared by Google called A Year in Search 2015 which lists events, people, trends and other topics that were searched all over the world throughout the year.

The list is always a reflection of the interests and concerns that move the world, and of our own society and a very good way to summarize the year.

Solidarity and social conflicts were particularly significant in 2015 for those who asked to “Google the Wise” on a daily basis  some of their concerns, situations such as the earthquake in Nepal or the immigration crisis, gay marriage, the Paris Attacks in November and the story of Caitlyn Jenner.

Lamar Odom was what the users searched the most globally, the basketball player who fell into a coma due to his problems with drugs. Then, the second search was Charlie Hebdo, a French magazine that was attacked by terrorists in Paris.



Google’s Top 10 of the most popular search terms

1. Lamar Odom
2. Charlie Hebdo
4. Jurassic World
5. Paris
6. Furious 7
7. Fallout 4
8. Ronda Rousey
9. Caitlyn Jenner
10. American Sniper

The study also reveals subjects as varied as the saga of Star Wars, Queen Elizabeth II, the Volkswagen scandal, the crisis in Syria, FIFA’s scandal, Leonard Nimoy of Star Trek and even the infamous dress of two colors. All of them were particularly important for the world in 2015.

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The celebrity top 10 search includes Caitlyn Jenner and Charlie Sheen. The most searched movie was Jurassic World. As for music, the most searched artist of 2015 was Adele, and the iPhone 6S took the first place in technology winning over his rival, Samsung’s Galaxy S6.

Top 10 technology trends

1. iPhone 6S
2. Samsung Galaxy S6
3. Apple Watch
4. iPad Pro
5. LG G4
6. Samsung Galaxy Note 5
7. Samsung Galaxy J5
8. HTC One M9
9. Nexus 6P
10. Surface Pro 4

Top 10 movie trends

1. Jurassic World
2. Furious 7
3. American Sniper
4. Fifty Shade of Grey
5. Minions
6. Spectre
7. Straight Outta Compton
8. Mad Max
9. Prem Ratan Dhan Payo
10. Birdman

Top 10 television shows trends

1. Big Brother Brazil
2. Jessica Jones
3. Bigg Boss
4. Fear the Walking Dead
5. Better Call Saul
6. Game of Thrones
7. Daredevil
8. One Punch Man
9. Verdades Secretas
10. Scream Queens



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