Which are the best Municipalities?


    The Office of the Controller General of the Republic publishes annually a ranking of the Municipal Management of the local Governments in the country.

    This Municipal Management Index collects the data from the Municipalities to evaluate 61 indexes classified between the axes of development and institutional management, planning, citizen engagement and accountability, environmental management, financial services management and road management; and finally social services management.

    The average score reached by the 81 Municipalities in 2014, was of 59; which exceeds by 2.7 points the evaluation recorded in 2013. Between 2010 and 2014, the national ranking of the local governments has increased 11.8 points because it went from 47.2 to the current 59.

    Top 10 Municipalities

    From this study, follows the information about the top 10 Municipalities that stand out due to their efficiency when it comes to financial management, accountability, the use of Information Technology, garbage collection, care services and social work, among others.

    The Municipality of San Carlos ranked first with a score of 99.22 and it takes the first place nationally in the axes of development and institutional management, planning, citizen participation and accountability, and also environmental management.

    Municipalidad de San Carlos

    Then, San Carlos is followed by the local governments of Belén, with 88.78 points; Santa Ana with 82.83; San Rafael with 81.88 and Moravia with 81.82, which went from the 10th position to the 5th, between 2010 and 2014.

    In addition, Escazú with 80.86; Cartago with 78.75; San José with 76.71; Paraíso with 76.62 and Curridabat with 76.11; also stand out.

    In the same way, the report of the Controller General indicated which Municipalities have experienced an improvement or decline in the ranking in regards to 2013. Among the first group are the local governments of Guatuso, San Carlos, Aserrí, Oreamuno, Flores, Upala, Pococí and San Mateo; being the last one the one that improved the most by going from a score of 43.01 to 63.85. On the other hand, the cantons that got a lower score than that of 2013, are: Desamparados, Guácimo, Turrialba, Los Chiles and Puriscal.

    ¿Cuál es la posición de la Municipalidad de Grecia?

    Although the Municipality of Grecia is not in the top 10 places of the cantonal ranking, the study of the Controller General highlights it among the municipalities of group A, which means those of higher budget, best Cantonal Human Development Index fewer square kilometers of territory and a greater number of housing units with a high Cantional Human Development Index.

    Municipalidad de Grecia

    The Municipality of Grecia is in the position number 14 of this group A of the cantons, with a score of 64.72. This score improved in regards to the previous year that was of 62.67 and since 2010 has increased 10 points (in 2010 was of 54.85).

    According to the ranking, in comparison to 2013 the canton of Grecia has improved in the axes of development and institutional management, planning, citizen participation and accountability, financial and social services management.

    However, it has experience a decrease in terms of environmental management, even though it stands out as one of the the cleanest cities of Latin America. In this indicator, the score went from 47.2 in 2013 to 37.7 in 2014.

    The items in which the Municipality of Grecia had the best scores were: financial management (78.60), Information Technology (83.10), administrative contracts (83.70), planning (86.50), and accountability with a score of 100. On the other hand, among the aspects with the lowest performance are: garbage collection with a score of 41.30, storage and waste treatment with 35.80, and road and public places cleaning with a score of 35.20.



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