Top 10 beaches of Costa Rica

    Isla Tortuga Costa Rica. Foto tomada de Tico Times

    Its name is its best presentation: Costa Rica. And this small Central American country is a coastal paradise rich in natural beauty, tropical climate, warm people and adventures.

    Not surprisingly, Costa Rica is the destination on the map for tourists who love the exotic beaches. Only last year, about 2,665,000  visitors entered the country attracted by the beauty of it,  known worldwide for having the best beaches in Central America and even of the world.

    In fact, 8 of the top 10 beaches in Central America are in Costa Rica, this according to the list compiled by the specialized world tourism site In addition, according to an article from Trip Advisor of last year Costa Rica has one of the 25 most beautiful beaches in the world, the famous Manuel Antonio beach, in the Costa Rican Pacific.

    For that reason, since the beauty of the Costa Rican beaches is undeniable we decided to draw up a detailed list of the top 10 beaches in the country, for you to take into account the next time you are looking for a top class vacation.

    The list was created based on the website, one of the most famous tourism portals in the world where tourists evaluate each destination and give ratings and recommendations to other tourists.

    Without further ado these are the top 10 Costa Rican beaches:

    1. Manuel Antonio


    It is located in the Manuel Antonio National Park. Last year it ranked in the top 25 best beaches worldwide, and currently it has over 2,000 favorable opinions on

    Location: 7 km from the Quepos’ road.

    Best time to visit: from December to May

    • It has the Ecological Blue Flag.
    • White Sand.
    • There are monkeys.
    • Campsites.
    • 49 hotels nearby.

    2. Santa Teresa

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    It is ranked as the third best beach in Central America, currently with 482 positive reviews in the portal.

    Location: North side of the province of Puntarenas.

    Best time to visit: between November and April.

    • White sand.
    • Suitable for surfing.
    • You can take the ferry from Paquera to get there.
    • Hiking, canopy and horseback riding are some of the activities that can be done.
    • 27 hotels nearby.

    3. Tamarindo

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    It ranked fourth among the 10 best beaches in Central America, with 1097 positive reviews from tourists.

    Location: Santa Cruz, Guanacaste

    Best time to visit: All-year round

    • One of the most popular places to surf.
    • It has a great economic development. Surf shops, art galleries and large supermarkets.
    • It has a multicultural population.
    • 21 hotels nearby.

    4. Avellana

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    In the ranking of the best beaches in Central America it ranked No. 5 and it has 506 favorable ratings so far.

    Location: La costada Dorada in Guanacaste. One hour from Santa cruz.

    Best time to visit:  Between November and May.

    • It is a good place to surf, all-year round
    • Abundant and varied vegetation around the beach
    •  It is located in a small rural town, under-industrialized
    • White sand and turquoise waters
    • 21 hotels nearby.

    5. Conchal

    Playa Conchal

    It has 547 favorable reviews and ranks No. 6 among the best beaches in Central America.

    Location: North of the province of Guanacaste, just 45 minutes from the Daniel Oduber airport in Liberia.

    Best time to visit: November-May

    • Ideal for swimming and snorkeling
    • Variety of marine life
    • Near national parks and biological reserves
    • Camping areas
    • One of the clearest waters of the Pacific coast
    • White sand full of seashells, hence the name of the beach
    • 3 hotels nearby

    6. Hermosa Guanacaste

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    It occupies the number seven spot among the best beaches in Central America.

    Location: Gulf of Papagayo Guanacaste.

    Best time to visit: November-April

    • Strong waves ideal for surfers
    • Corals
    • Ideal for relaxing since it is not too crowded
    • Fairly wide beach area
    • Nice place to go with family
    • Ideal for snorkeling
    • 27 hotels nearby

    7. Nosara

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    It occupies the position number 8 of the top 10 beaches in Central America.

    Location: Province of Guanacaste

    Best time to visit: between November and May

    • It has 6 kilometers of bright and white sand
    • It has ideal conditions for surfing
    • It is located near the Ostional Wildlife Refuge, one of the most important nesting sites for sea turtles
    • 22 hotels nearby

    8. Samara

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    In Central America has ranked No. 9 among the top beaches.

    Location: Peninsula of Nicoya in Guanacaste

    Best time to visit: between November and May

    • Variety of exotic plants and animals.
    • Perfect for hiking
    • Recommended for families with young children
    • Ideal for swimming
    • Accessible hotels.
    • 15 hotels nearby.

    9. Hermosa, Puntarenas

    PLaya hermosa

    The beauty of the Costa Rican coasts are obvious with the name given to this beach. That’s why the country has two beaches called «Playa Hermosa», one located in the province of Guanacaste which took the sixth spot of this ranking  and this other one located in the province of Puntarenas, that still ranked in the important number 9 position.

    Location: 5km South from Jaco en Puntarenas

    Best time to visit: November-May

    • The QUICKSILVER National Surfing Championship is held here annually
    • It is not an overcrowded beach. It is not saturated and not full of buildings
    • Black sand
    • Lots of nightlife options
    • 12 hotels near

    10. Puerto Viejo

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    Although the beaches of the Costa Rican Pacific lead the list, Puerto Viejo stoods up for the unique beauty of the Caribbean, which stands out for its delicious food and cultural diversity.

    Location: Southeast of Puerto Limon, on the Caribbean coast.

    Best time to visit: between March and September.

    • It is the most visited place of the Costa Rican Caribbean
    • Variety of bars, discos and restaurants with reasonable prices
    • It is close to the Cahuita National Park, Talamanca Indigenous Reservation and Wildlife Refuge Gandoca Manzanillo
    • A paradise for surfers
    • 14 hotels nearby
    • Relaxed atmosphere and clean beaches



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