The people of Alajuela were the ones who benefited the most from the housing bonds in 2015


    The people of the province of Alajuela received 2,351 housing bonds issued by the National Financial System for Housing during 2015, which makes them the main beneficiaries of these financing resources for homeownership.

    Limón is in second place, with 1,857 housing bonds, followed by Puntarenas with 1,827. In addition, the money from this fund was distributed among 1,748 beneficiaries in San José, 1,080  in Guanacaste, 975 in Cartago and Heredia in 516.

    This means that in total 10,354 housing bonds were issued last year and Ȼ78,661 million were invested in construction processes, slum eradication, special attention to families in extreme poverty, attention to families in indigenous territories, senior citizens and people with disabilities.

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    «We have worked carefully and with full transparency in the housing sector, so that the resources destined to the families are correct and efficient. Our work is focused on the right to a decent house, it includes key issues such as urban planning and adequate services,” said Minister of Housing, Rosendo Pujol regarding the strategies employed to facilitate to the Costa Ricans to get their own home.

    In addition, the authorities of the Ministry of Housing and Human Settlements (MIVAH in Spanish) said that 55.6% of the subsidies went to women household heads and accounted Ȼ44.523 million to provide housing for 5,760 families.

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    Similarly, with this budget in 2015, 35 housing projects were approved, for families in extreme need, of which one is located in the canton of Grecia; Urbanización La Viga, which will benefit 65 families with a total investment of Ȼ1.501 million.

    Alongside to this work are other housing solutions in Corredores, Quepos, Siquirres, Guácimo, Hojancha, Upala, Aserrí and Carthage, among others.



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