Some tips for when you go back to work after vacation


    Many expect that after returning to the office from a holiday, the office will be full of energy and fresh projects, but instead people find mountains of pending cases that accumulated during their free time. Then they are forced to spend their first days going through all the emails and other issues that built up.

    How to maintain the momentum? What to do to prevent this accumulation of work after a holiday? A Forbes magazine article gave five recommendations to return to our work schedule in the best way possible.

    Leave everything ready for when you return

    When you are preparing to leave the office for a few days office, plan ahead what you will do once you return. Another good way to start is to come back with enough time in advance, for example instead of returning on a Sunday do it on Saturday. So you can calmly read your mail, check pending issues, and avoid surprises when returning to work.


    Prepare an strategy

    Do not include anything in your agenda for the first day after vacation. There must be a transition, set aside some time to catch up.

    Know how to reply to the queries

    It is recommended that you make believe the people outside the office that you are not yet available. This will prevent all outstanding queries or at least you will avoid the expectation of an immediate answer. Your message should indicate who to contact in case of emergency. Tell people to remind you what they need, because with the amount of emails received theirs could be buried by other mails during your absence.

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    Do not read pending emails

    Some experts say that clearing the inbox after a holiday may be necessary to avoid wasting a whole day reading emails.

    Realize that the company will keep working without you

    Usually employees try to be reliable people, the person to go for help or queries, but believing that the company could not continue working without you  could harm in the long-term.

    It is inevitably to lose some opportunities. Plan ahead and trust your teammates. That way you will return as someone more productive.



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