How to take advantage of the web to sell more?


    A recent study by the World Economic Forum reveals that 47% of Costa Ricans use the Internet. This means that national companies and businesses that are in the digital world have access to more than 2,274,000 million Costa Ricans.

    Approximately 64% of these Internet users are on the web looking for information related to online shopping, tourism, fashion and beauty, online references and restaurants, as revealed by the latest report of the Red 506 of El Financiero (Costa Rican Finance newspaper), therefore; they are potential consumers of products and services.

    The question is how to use the web to sell more? That is a recurring query among both large and small companies’ owners. And they all are convinced of the importance of digital presence, but only a few know how to take advantage of it, not only for the lack of knowledge but also the lack of funds.

    And it is because of this need that the Costa Rican company Enigma Latam developed a new way for companies to achieve success in the digital world without having to make large investments.

    It is a Commercial Guide unique in the country.  This guide is fed from a data mining platform called CR ENLACE that tracks and collects all the Costa Rican web pages categorized by province, county and business type, in order to offer the most comprehensive and accessible guide to the Costa Rican consumers.


    This shopping guide is exposed on all platforms of the network «Conozca su Cantón». Thus, this commercial or Cantonal Guide Directory becomes the springboard for all these businesses distributed along the cantons of Costa Rica and has established itself as a democratic and free space par excellence, both to encourage the presence of more national companies on the web and to enhance the benefits of this new form of Internet advertising.

    New trend to have digital presence

    The innovation does not stop there, this commercial guide offers as well, a new way to advertise on the web and improve digital presence.

    This is because it offers companies the opportunity to buy a privileged area within the Commercial Guide, this space is called «Detail Page«, and in here it is possible to expand your business data.

    That is, it furthers the benefits of the commercial guide and allows the company to include additional features such as: business location using geolocation, images or promotional videos, schedule information, among others.


    This is an excellent choice for businesses that do not have the budget to design a website and a digital presence strategy because by paying a small amount they may include all the necessary information in an exclusive page. In short, it’s like having a «small site» within the country’s most comprehensive business directory.

    This marks a new trend in web advertising, as the digital presence is not limited to simple banners or classified ads, it diversifies the options for large and small businesses looking for better ways to take advantage of the web to sell.

    To be on the web or to die, that is the question

    In Costa Rica, 72 out of 100 people access the Internet through their cellphone, according to the World Economic Forum, mainly to use portals like Google and social networks like Facebook. Also according to the study, 58% of the national internet users visit certain websites monthly, most of them are sites to buy and sell items (10%), fashion and accessories (10%), but it includes too searches of commercial information of universities (5%), tourism (4%) and restaurants (3%), among others.


    So can a company afford to not exist in this digital world? The answer is no. For the portal, a website and online advertising have many advantages such as ensuring that customers can find the company in the midst of all the information that is available in the digital world.

    «The Commercial Guide of ‘Conozca su Cantón’ understands the importance that the local economy is complemented by a digital economy, where businesses and shops in each canton are accessible to their customers through the most used platforms and exploit the advantages of digital advertising. The purpose is to use our network to strengthen and to take the internet commerce to the next level” said Sergio Miranda, Project Manager.

    Real Impact

    Although there are 71% of Costa Rican surfers who claim to be followers of a brand or company on the web, it is realistic to estimate that 80% of small and medium businesses close before the age of two years of operation and very few survive beyond five.

    The “Comunidad de Emprendedores” site explains this phenomenon very well by saying that «every day millions of people desperate to buy your kind of products surf the internet and the question is why they are not buying my products then? The answer is even simpler; you are not controlling Internet advertising. »


    It is clear then that the presence on the internet is important but it is not everything and that advertising should be accompanied by strategies to exploit the benefits of the various platforms. Therefore, this new project that aims to put a spin on the way to advertise on the web is so innovative.

    The blogger Hussein Forzán, who is also a publicist and manager of the agency PubliMarketing states that «Internet advertising has become the most profitable for small and medium companies to make themselves known in the market, its cost is significantly low compared with traditional media, and the Internet is, today, the most used by consumers to find goods and services.



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