How to grow accustomed to do exercise?


    2016 begins, and with it the famous new year resolutions. Surely many have decided to start exercising. However, to create a new habit it takes more than just wanting it. It is a complicated matter but not impossible, and to help a little bit here are some tips to start a new lifestyle.

    A habit is an act that is repeated regularly, that is, to be done over and over again. Therefore to create a habit means to start again and again. Having a routine or ritual will make it easier to start and eventually exercise will come as something natural for you.

    Here is a tip. Complete this sentence: «Next week I will exercise on (day) at (time) in (location).» It has been proven that people who filled that sentence will exercise more over time.

    Young couple doing push-ups

    Baby steps

    Focus on doing a 2-minute exercise instead of worrying about the whole routine. Struggling to find the motivation to run? Fill a water bottle and put on your running shoes. Eventually this two minutes will be enough to motivate you and ti also helps to finish the task.


    First, work on creating the habit

    Usually people focus on results but when you are starting the most important thing it is to have a routine with which you will get results. In the first 6 months worry about not missing training appointments and not so much in seeing the progress, when you get to the point where you do all of the training sessions then you can start paying attention to the progress. If you do not adopt the habit of exercise, no method will work.


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