How much would you have to pay for your “marchamo”?


    As of Monday November 23rd the National Insurance Institute (INS in Spanish) took the checkered flag to initiate the “marchamo” (yearly circulation permit) collection 2016.

    Owners of over 1.3 million vehicles can make their “marchamo” payment in 1,901 collection points, ranging from banks and credit unions to shops and supermarkets. According to the INS the “marchamo” will be charged to about 880,000 private cars, 176,000 light-duty vehicles and some 188,900 motorcycles, and with that the INS expects a revenue of more than ¢ 34,000 million.

    According to figures of the breakdown of “marchamo”, the vehicle ownership tax, which is addressed to the Finance Ministry, is representing the highest percentage of the total amount, with 69.50%. While the Compulsory Motor Vehicle Insurance  (SOA in Spanish), which is directed to the INS, is the second highest category, representing 18.80% of the total payment.

    «Through the SOA, victims of traffic accidents have coverage of up to ¢6 million for medical care, and payment of disabilities and impairments,» explained the INS.

    Automobile Traffic

    This year that fee of the Compulsory Motor Vehicle Insurance (SOA) rose in price for private cars and for motorcycles decreased.

    Car owners will pay ¢ 19,958 as compulsory insurance, this means that they will pay 5.2% more than in 2015. While motorcycles will pay ¢ 58,123 which means 22% less.

    The total amount you must pay for your “marchamo” depends on the taxable value of the vehicle, so each case is unique, but for example if the taxable value of a vehicle is of 3 million colones, you must pay 100,000 colones of “marchamo”, but if the value is about 16 million colones you will pay up to 500,000 colones.

    If you want to know the amount you have to pay for the “marchamo” you have the following options:

    • Toll free 800-MARCHAMO (800-6272-4266)
    • Send a text message to the number 1467 ( 1INS)  with the word “Marchamo”  then leave a space and write the plate number
    • Phone number: 2243-9999
    • INS website:
    • Mobile website:


    One new feature for the “marchamo” collection 2016 is that you will be able to pay through an App for smartphones.

    Once the mass collection of the compulsory insurance is enabled then a new function on the INS website will be working, optimized for mobile devices (INS Mobile), you can view and pay compulsory auto insurance.



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