How many miles do you have to walk to burn the calories of your favorite meals?


    How to say no to a delicious chocolate covered ice cream? And to a freshly baked pizza with melted mozzarella cheese? How to reject fries? For most of us it is almost impossible.

    But what if before taking the first bite we knew how much exercise we should do to burn those calories entering our bodies? That is exactly what is trying to determine a study funded by the National Institutes of Health in the US, of more than $2 million, and published by the BBC.

    The study defined how long we would have to walk, and how many kilometers, to lose the calories of the most tempting meals. The results are not very encouraging, but at least they let us understand the importance of exercise and a balanced diet.

    The following are the main results:

    pizza* Pizza (100 grs)

    83 minutes

    4.3 kms (2 miles)


    papas fritas* French fries

    Small: 72 min and 3.8 kms (2 miles)

    Big: 156 min and 8.3 kms (5 miles)


    Batido de chocolate* Big chocolate milkshake

    300 min

    16 kms (9 miles)


    sandwich_de_pollo_* Crunchy chicken sandwich

    194 min

    10 kms (6 miles)

    Helado* Small ice cream with melted chocolate

    103 min

    5.4 kms (3 miles)


    Chocolate chips cookies isolated on white.* Chocolate chip cookie

    50 min

    2.7 kms (1 mile)


    Gaseosa* Soft drink (soda)

    97 minutes

    5.1 kms (3 miles)


    Hamburguesa* Cheeseburger

    94 min

    4.9 kms (3 miles)


    spaghetti* Spaguetti

    40 min

    2 kms (1 mile)


    Manzana-Roja* Apple

    16 min

    800 metros (0.49 miles)



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