Healthy snacks for preschoolers


    Food gives us nutrients to stay healthy and perform our daily functions. From the food we get nutrients such as vitamins and minerals that protect us from many diseases, energy (this is the fuel for all daily activities such as studying, walking, running, etc.) and part of the water required to obtain the hydration of our body and for various vital functions.

    Preschoolers usually require from 5 to 6 meals because their stomach capacity is reduced, which means large quantities of food at once is not a good idea. Meal times can be distributed every 2 to 3 hours during the day, an example of this distribution of time in a day could be 7 am- 9:30 am -11: 30 am- 2:00 pm- 5:00 pm- 7:30 pm.

    Snacks are also those meals that should not be skipped in order to achieve a good distribution of energy and nutrients. Snacks are usually meals that you eat before lunch and dinner and they are often lightweight, simple, easily digestible, varied, among others.

    When preparing snacks for your children, it should be taken into consideration that in some schools, there are no microwaves to heat the food, no refrigerator to store them, so avoid those foods with salad dresses, which can be fermented, which are strong-smelling, that will decompose or which may change color and flavor.

    Foods that are commonly used are fruits, vegetables, sandwiches, dairy products, juices, preferably that are natural and unprocessed. Food should be rewarding for children so that there is greater acceptance, a suggestion is to make fun snacks with different shapes.

    Many processed foods such as cookies and artificial drinks are loaded in sugar and contain synthetic dyes, which leds to the acquisition of bad habits and increases obesity, since a single serving of these foods has too many calories. Cookies that have cream besides sugar, they also contain fats that are unhealthy. Therefore snacks should not contain cookies, soft drinks, juices, sausages (fats and artificial ingredients), candy, among others.

    The lunchbox used for this purpose must be clean, because otherwise it could be a factor for bacteria growth and for your children getting sick.



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