Government will invest US $1,100 million dollars in highways this year


    Costa Rica is already used to be the leader in the ranking of the worst roads of Central America and we, the citizens, suffer the underdevelopment of the road infrastructure when we are stuck in traffic jam for hours. Given this scenario, the Government has rolled out a plan to invest in highway projects totaling US $ 1,100 million dollars.

    Within that investment project there are others intended to be completed this 2016 such as: the route of the Northern point in San Carlos connecting Abundancia-Florencia-Radial to Ciudad Quesada which will be expanded to four lanes and has an estimated investment of US $33.4 million dollars.

    It also stands out the changes in Paso Ancho that will be ready in May 2016, with a total cost of $12 million dollars and that includes the construction of the new rainwater system in the communities Sorobarú and Los Olivos.


    Just like the works to expand the Pozuelo – Jardínes del Recuerdo road with a value of US $8.6 million dollars.

    Rural routes are also gaining involvement in the government investment plan through the Cantonal Road Network Program, which represents an investment of $60 million dollars and recorded a comprehensive advance of 70%. There are 29 completed civil works, 44 in progress and 17 ready to start. In addition, there is the bill that transfers economic resources and powers to the municipalities to strengthen the Cantonal Road Network.

    Strategic infrastructure


    On the other hand, the Strategic Infrastructure Program includes investments that reach the US $340 million of dollars, in order to rehabilitate works that are key for business and development of the country. This plan includes the projects of Arco Norte de Circunvalación, the grade separation of Las Garantías Sociales; exchanges of Guadalupe and the roundabout of La Bandera; the bridges over the Virilla river (radial Santa Ana and Saprissa); access to the Moin Container Terminal and rehabilitation and construction of the bridge over the river Virilla.

    Digging up old projects

    Construccion Rotonda Guacamaya 3

    There is a good percentage of the investment that seeks to continue with projects that had been stalled, as is the case of the public works trust to push forward the road to San Ramón.

    The Cañas-Liberia, four-lane road, which is already 90% finished and it will be completed in January 2016, 18 bridges have been rehabilitated and 18 more are new.

    Finally, there are overpasses in Liberia, Bagaces and Cañas and they will be operating in the second half of 2016. In addition, the route will have 11 bridges for animals as well as 54 bus turnout.



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