The national network «Conozca su Cantón» continues its growth


    The national network “Conozca su Cantón” keeps growing and starts 2016 with the launching of the second broadcast portal called After the successful launch of the website in October 2015, the company Enigma Latam which develops the project, set it sights on the City of the Witches.

    As of January 4th, 2016 Escazú has a new digital guide that features content of interest about the canton’s everyday live. It is a platform to broadcast information and the ideal showcase to get to know the municipal canton from all its different aspects such as the economy, its culture, the tourism and its people. The portal is a useful reference for both the inhabitants of the canton, and for those wishing to explore its tourism potential or doing business and investing in Escazú.

    A single directory of Costa Rica

    The portal not only works as a comprehensive guide on the canton, but is where you will also find a unique directory of the operating businesses and shops in Escazú as well.

    This directory is part of the platform CR Enlace, a database developed by the company Enigma Latam, which tracks all of the websites in Costa Rica and categorized them by province, canton and type of business.

    directorio escazú

    The web sites included in the directory are part of an extensive data mining, every business is included equally and free of charge with the objective of encouraging the presence of more companies on the web and the development of the digital economy in every corner of the country.

    Costa Rica’s new cantonal network

    “Conozca su Cantón” is a national network of broadcast portal to promote the regional development in Costa Rica through the activation of the digital economy.

    The project will develop a digital portal for each one of the 81 municipal cantons of the country, which will offer content of interest on the everyday live in each canton and a complete cantonal directory.

    Conozca su cantón

    In addition, these are spaces are created to strengthen the democratization of access to information, seeking to give a voice to the citizens of the canton and its active forces.

    Thus, «Conozca su Cantón» will become a unique national network of websites in Costa Rica and an excellent tool to support SMEs (PYMES in Spanish), to encourage the local economy and to get to know the particularities of every corner of our beautiful country .



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