Credit options for your entrepreneurship



    It is the Fund for the development of micro, small and medium companies (FODEMIPYME in Spanish) administered by the bank Banco Popular y de Desarrollo Comunal (BPDC in Spanish).

    The fund works through the granting of guarantees, financing of intangibles and Business Development Services.

    The guarantee is a bond that a third party offers to support and ensure the corresponding payment of a commitment made by a company before a lender. The endorsement is important because many projects are deficient in warranty and the guarantee provides it so that they can be financed.


    The Development Fund for Productive Activities and Organization of Women (FOMUJERES in Spanish) is a non-reimbursable financing investing in productive initiatives of women and support women’s organization for the benefit of their rights.

    In the production area, the women that can participate are those members of the organizations Emprende and Programa Avanzamos Mujeres both of the National Women’s Institute (INAMU in Spanish). In addition, women who lead innovation projects or technological development projects and those with farming, fishing, aquaculture production, agro-processing activities or rural tourism can also participate.

    The registration process is free. The competition rules are published when the fund opens on the website, the Facebook page INAMU Costa Rica and can also be withdrawn in the Regional Office of the INAMU, INA  and IMAS . You can also send an email to: [email protected]

    FOMUJERES has benefited more than a thousand women across the country. In Grecia there are two women who have benefited from this fund: Lidia Alvarez Bonilla, agribusiness sector of cleaning products, and Filania Jaubert Reyes for her dental laboratory.

    Development Banking

    The Development Banking System (SBD in Spanish) is a financing and support mechanism for micro, small and medium companies of all production activities.

    People who want to access this benefit must submit their investment project to any of the financial operators. The banks will provide the support only if the project is profitable and feasible. Furthermore, this mechanism supports MSMEs to collaborate with business growth.

    The system relies on three areas: financing, guarantees (guarantees that seek access to financing) and business development services (advice through the services of the INA). With Development Banking you can get a guarantee of up to 75% of the loan amount, and you can choose from a back up of ¢ 65 million for your project.

    How to access to credit?

    Entrepreneurs with technically and financially viable projects, who are interested in obtaining credit, can approach the state banks, cooperatives, or certified entities by the system and provide the requirements that each entity asks for, to access loans.

    Among the entities that offer loans are Acorde, Banco de Costa Rica, Banco Popular, Bancrédito, Banco Nacional, Bandecosa, Coopegrecia, Coopeatenas, Coopenae R.L, Financiera Desyfin, Mucap, Coonaprosal R.L., Coopeagri R.L., Coopealianza R.L., Fundación Mujer, among others.

    Furthermore, among the programs that are accessible are the microloans, credit and guarantees, factoring, loans for agriculture, livestock credits, women’s projects credit, and so on.

    The SBD also offers a range of business services such as training for entrepreneurs to make their business plan, manage their accounting, calculating costs and product marketing.



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