Ciudad Virtual: the SMEs new digital platform


    Ciudad Virtual, is the new digital platform that the he Ministry of the Economy, Industry, and Commerce (MEIC in Spanish) has placed for the Costa Rican SMEs. It is basically a portal with relevant information from all the institutions incorporated into the national network of support for small and medium companies.

    What kind of information can be found?

    You will access as a visitor to the complex of virtual buildings, each with an individual topic, such as Innovation, Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship, Finance and Market Access. In each of the buildings the institutions have a supply of tools, solutions, programs, services and products that are potentially useful for SMEs.

    This new service platform is on the MEIC’s website, in the button called “Ciudad Virtual». We invite you to visit this site and to use it as an important source of information for your business.

    Ciudad Virtual PYMES MEIC



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