7 tricks to free up space on your phone


    The Smartphone has become an indispensable partner to many people. It is not only because it is useful to communicate with our contacts but it can also be an entertainment medium and even a tool to keep us updated with the news or to work. However, upon its use the memory gets full and it tends to be slower.

    It is necessary to keep the memory as free as possible so that your Smartphone can work properly. Below, you will find a series of tricks that can achieve that.

    Delete the apps that you do not use

    Sometimes we download apps and use them only once but they take up space in the memory and their updates can make the phone slower. The best thing to do is to delete them and leave the space free for the ones you do need.

    Delete old messages

    Eventually they can take up unnecessary space. To delete them go to «Settings» then «Messages», and from there «Keep Messages» and choose how often should they be deleted.

    Keep only one picture with the HDR option

    iPhones have an option called HDR mode that blends in one picture the best of three different exposures, but it also saves the original version of the same picture. To keep only one go to «Settings» then «Photos and Camera» and disable the option that says «Keep original photo».


    Upload your files to the cloud

    It is advisable to upload pictures, music and videos to the cloud as they are the ones that take up more space and then you can access them without using the phone’s memory. There are several free options like Google Drive, Dropbox or you can use the one included in the system.

    Clean the cache and apps history

    Browsers and apps storage data that can eventually slow the phone. To delete it go to «Settings», choose the app and then «Clear Data» or «Clear Cache».

    Download from time to time your files into a computer

    Download your pictures and videos to your computer so you can have them at hand and you will also have more free space to get more content.

    Listen to music online

    Nowadays, you can find a great variety of apps and web sites to listen to music online and free. You only have to save in your phone’s memory what you want to listen to when offline.



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