6 signs that is time to move on to a different job


    If you feel upset every time you have to go to work you should consider looking for another job. However, experts recommend resigning until you have secured a job elsewhere. First make sure you have enough reasons to quit your current job. In this article we show the clues that it is time to quit.

    It does not follow your career path

    You should set goals for your professional life to find out what you really want in your future. That way you can determine if your work is compatible with them. If you quit without knowing what you are really looking for won’t take you anywhere.

    There are far too many cons

    Make a list of pros and cons of your current job. Take into account the economic compensation, growth opportunities, if allows to have a healthy balance with your life outside of work, and even how long it takes to commute. All of those affect your quality of life as an employee. If at the end you discover more cons then you should find a better place for you.


    You do not feel useful

    If you no longer feel any motivation to contribute to the growth of the company it may be time for a change.

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    You have come to a halt

    Usually companies make their growth plans every 5 years and that is a good time to do a self-evaluation. If after five years you feel like you have not grown as a professional then it may be time for you to move on. To evaluate your development take into account promotions, how much staff were you in charge, as well as the times they have taken into account your proposals.


    Your capabilities are being wasted

    Sometimes the talent is overshadowed by the mechanization of activities. If you feel that your capabilities are being wasted and cannot grow as an employee it is better to start thinking about finding new opportunities.

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    You do not get along with your boss

    A large percentage of resignations are due to a bad boss-employee relationship. The causes vary: clash of personalities, wanting the job of the other person, and even harassment.

    Depending on the seriousness of the situation, instead of resigning you can consider the option of applying for another position within the same company, or a move to a different area.


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