12 tips to lose weight in a healthy way


    After the Holidays at the end of the year, we usually set goals and resolutions for the coming year, one of those goals is to lose weight, however, it must be clear that it should be a progressive goal as the techniques to achieve great weight losses can be harmful to health.

    It is like putting a pot with oil to heat, if too hot, the oil is burned causing free radicals or harmful substances, the same happens in our body when we abruptly burn fat from it. It is advisable to lose maximum between 2 and 3 kilos per month. Another negative factor of rapid weight loss is that besides fat, you can also lose muscle and that is difficult to recover.

    With all this in mind, it is best to follow these recommendations that could help you to properly lose weight:

    • Visit a doctor to know about the levels of lipids (fats) in your body, glycemia, among others. These basic indicators can tell us if we are truly ready to start an exercise routine.

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    • Physical activity. Ideally, start with exercise routines of at least an hour including first, aerobic exercise such as walking, running or swimming. The fat is mobilized in the presence of oxygen.


    • Make a set of five to six meal per day, and respect the schedules.
    • Do not skip breakfast, as it helps us to break the fast after sleep, it also helps the metabolism and health in general. The saying that you have to have breakfast like a king is no lie. The school of medicine at Harvard University, among other universities indicate the importance of breakfast in our daily diet.
    • Regarding dinner, try to make it light, not too heavy and avoid eating after 8 00pm, because after that we just go to sleep.

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    • Chew 20 times each spoonful of food, food digestion begins in the mouth.


    • The diet should be varied considering the 4 food groups:

    -Cereals, legumes (foods that come in pods like beans) and starchy vegetables

    -Foods of animal origin

    -Fats and sugars

    -Fruits and vegetables

    • Consume water, 2 to 2.5 liters per day. A glass of water before each meal helps keep us full. At lunchtime, instead of consuming soft drinks that have sugar try to change them for water.

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    • Also avoid eating sweets, chewing gum and soft drinks. Try not to eat between meals, because those would be added calories.
    • When eating out, avoid drinking soda, fried foods, processed foods. Choose grilled or boiled food instead.
    • Dressings and sauces added to foods hide more calories, use lemons, vinegar or others.
    • Eating in dishes and small holders is a positive factor.

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