10 very irresistible desserts to receive the New Year



    • A quarter of a kilo of strawberries.
    • Three kiwis
    • A tray of blueberries
    • Two cups of custard
    • Four or five (preferably gluten-free) cookies
    • A cup of sweet wine of a light syrup


    Grind the gluten-free cookies and add a base of it 1.5 cm high in a bowl. Soak with a little syrup or sweet wine. Arrange the slices of kiwi on the walls vertically and then the custard and blueberries. Add a layer of strawberry slices, add more custard and decorate with whole strawberries.

    There is nothing better than receiving the new year surrounded by family and enjoying a delicious dinner that awakens our palate. That is why Conozca Grecia ventured into looking into various cooking sites like Mi cocina amateur, Cocina Facilísimo y Animal Gourmet to share a list of 10 irresistible desserts recipes for this New Year celebration.

    Share your pictures with us if you prepare them.

    1. Ice and seasonal fruits cake

    receta 1


    • One sponge cake (you can either buy it at the grocery store or prepare it with flour, eggs, sugar and salt).
    • A kilo and a half of the ice cream of your choice (preferably of fruit, dulce de leche or dark chocolate).
    • Three eggs
    • 220 cc of skim milk
    • Orange zest
    • 4 tablespoons of grated coconut oil
    • A bowl of 23 cm in diameter


    Preheat the oven to 165º and prepare the baking pan with aluminum foil, soak it with a little of vegetable oil and set it aside. Mix: beat the eggs and then add the skim milk. Add the sponge cake mix and beat it from 3 to 5 minutes until it turns into a uniform texture, then add the orange zest and pour the entire mixture into the oiled baking pan and put it in the oven for at least 1 hour. After that, let it cool without getting it out of the baking pan. Filling: with a sharp knife make a circle in the middle of it but without touching the base. Carefully, with a spoon, empty the baking pan and the leftovers, put them aside. Now add the grated coconut, put it aside again. Fill half of the cake with ice cream and cover it with the coconut dough. Then fill the cake again with ice cream and finish with coconut dough. Refrigerate the dessert and serve it with fresh fruits and melted chocolate.

    2. Orange crepes with hazelnuts and vanilla ice cream

    receta 2


    • Three egg whites, two cups of milk and one cup of strained flour for the crepes’ dough.
    • Orange jam to taste, a cup of chopped hazelnuts, walnuts or almonds and vanilla ice to taste.


    Blend the egg whites with a pinch of salt, then add the milk and strained flour. After they get blended very well, pour the dough into a bowl and let it cool in the fridge for about an hour. Finally, prepare the crepes soaking the pan with vegetable oil every two crepes. Let the crepes get cool and add the jam to only the half of them; sprinkle them with the chopped hazelnuts and fold them in half. Serve them with a scoop of vanilla ice, mint leaf and a little of powdered sugar.

    3. Caribbean rum and coconut flan

    receta 3


    • Four eggs
    • A can of condensed milk
    • Two cups of warm water
    • One-half cup of sugar
    • One cup of caramelized sugar
    • Four tablespoons of grated coconut
    • One tablespoon of grated chocolate
    • One tablespoon of almond powder or ground almonds
    • One tablespoon of vanilla extract
    • Half a glass of rum
    • One tablespoon of grated orange


    Add the sugar into a pot with a few drops of lemon to make caramel, before it gets crystallized, sprinkle grated coconut and let it cool completely. Preheat the oven to 170°. Beat the eggs until they get yellow and add to them the warm water, the condensed milk and the one-half cup of sugar. Mix them well, add the vanilla extract, half a glass of rum, grated orange and chocolate, almond powder and the rest of the coconut. After mixing them again pour into a bowl with the caramel on it. Put it in the oven in a water bath for one hour and ten minutes, let it cool and then put it in the fridge. Get the flan out of the pot just before you are going to serve it and add some whipped cream with no sugar.

    4. Figs in syrup with whipped cream

    receta 4


    • A kilo of ripe but firm figs
    • A liter and a quarter of water
    • 900 grams of sugar


    Place the figs with half the sugar in a large pot, heavy-bottomed, and let it marinate overnight. The next morning, add water and the remaining sugar, keep it at a low heat and stir occasionally (be careful and do not allow the figs to break) until the syrup thickens and the figs are tender and of a brights color. This can take an hour and a half. Pack fruit in sterilized jars, cover with the syrup and seal well. After you open them, you must keep them in the refrigerator. They can be served in glasses and accompanied with ice cream.

    5. Chocolate cake for celiacs

    receta 5


    • Five eggs
    • 100 grams of butter
    • 250 grams of dark or semisweet chocolate 
    • A tablespoon of instant coffee powder
    • 220 grams of sugar (may be common, light or mixed with a substitute)
    • A tablespoon and a half of cornstach
    • 100 grams of bitter cocoa powder


    Precaliente el horno a 175º y engrase  un molde redondo de unos 25 cm de diámetro. Derrita primero la manteca a baño María y cuando está líquida agregue el chocolate cortado en pedacitos. Cuando empieza a derretirse la mezcla, revuelva con una cuchara de madera hasta lograr una textura aterciopelada. Luego añada el café instantáneo, el cacao y mezcle hasta homogeneizar. Reserve fuera del fuego. Posteriormente, debe batir los huevos con el azúcar hasta que lograr una mezcla blanquecina y espumosa. Agregue el almidón de maíz previamente cernido e integre bien todo. Deposite la mezcla de chocolate y revuelva todo hasta que obtener un tono uniforme. Deposite en el molde y lleveal horno por unos 50 minutos. Deje pasar unos 15 o 20 minutos antes de desmoldar. Cubra con un lustre y guarde la tarta en la refrigeradora hasta que deba servirla.

    Preheat the oven to 175 degrees and oil a round cake pan of about 25 cm in diameter. Melt the butter first on top of some boiling water, when liquid add the chocolate cut into small pieces. When the mixture begins to melt, stir with a wooden spoon until you get a velvety texture. Then add the instant coffee and cocoa, and mix until you get a smooth dough. Keep it away from the heat. Later, you must beat the eggs with the sugar until achieving a whitish and frothy mixture. Add the previously sifted corn starch and mix everything well. Place the chocolate mixture and stir everything until you get a uniform tone. Place it in a pan and put it in the oven for about 50 minutes. Allow about 15 or 20 minutes before unmolding. Cover with a luster and keep the cake in the refrigerator until you serve it.

    6. Fruit cup with custard

    receta 6

    On powdered sugar and if desired, and chopped nuts.

    7. Lemon Pie

    receta 7


    • Four egg yolks
    • A can of condensed milk
    • Half cup and two tablespoons of lemon juice
    • Lemon zest
    • Three cups of crushed crackers (of soft texture)
    • 100 grams of butter
    • Two tablespoons of powdered sugar


    Crumble the cookies along with the butter. Then add the tablespoons of powdered sugar, with this mix fill a mold with a removable bottom, soak it with vegetable oil and put it into the refrigerator. Place the yolks in a bowl and beat until you get a whitish mixture. Add the condensed milk and continue beating. Then add the zest and juice. Place this mixture into the cookie cake and put it in the oven at a moderate temperature (175 °) for 20 minutes. Let it cool thoroughly and then take the preparation to the refrigerator for at least 8 hours. Serve with a tuft of whipped cream without sugar.

    8. Red velvet o red cake

    receta 8


    • Two cups of wheat flour
    • A tablespoon of salt
    • A quarter cup of cocoa
    • A half cup of sugar
    • A half cup of vegetable oil
    • two eggs
    • A quarter cup of red dye
    • One tablespoon of vanilla extract
    • A cup of milk
    • Three tablespoons of white vinegar
    • One and a half tablespoons of baking soda
    • Two bars of unsalted butter
    • 340 grams of cream cheese
    • Four cups of powdered sugar
    • Three-quarters of a teaspoon of vanilla extract


    Preheat the oven to 180 Celsius degrees. In an electric mixer, beat sugar and oil, add eggs and let the mixture become one beating well between each egg. Add the red food coloring and vanilla and continue beating. Then add the flour, cocoa, milk, salt and a tablespoon of white vinegar. Continue beating. Then, in a deep and small bowl mix the remaining vinegar with baking soda, add to the dough and beat for 10 minutes. Oil with unsalted butter two round baking pans for the cake and pour the dough between the two pans. Bake the cake for 30 minutes or when you are able to insert a toothpick and it comes out clean. While the cake is baking you can prepare the frosting: in an electric mixer, stir the butter and cream cheese until it becomes like a fluffy dough (for about 3 minutes). Add the confectioners’ sugar and vanilla and beat for 5 minutes. Once the cake is ready, get it out from oven and let it cool before unmolding. Cover the cake with the cream cheese frosting and put it on the other cake. Cover with cream cheese frosting again.

    9. Light strawberry cake on a bed of chocolate

    receta 9


    Two cups of well-crumbled chocolate cake (can be replaced with two cups of crushed sweet gluten biscuits mixed with ultra fine oats, two cups of crushed Chocolinas, or a mixture of gluten biscuits with two tablespoons of cocoa powder)

    • Two tablespoons of neutral oil, cream or butter
    • 800 grams of strawberries
    • A box or bottle of yogurt
    • A box or bottle of low-fat strawberry yogurt
    • One packet of diet strawberry jelly
    • A liter and a quarter of boiling water
    • A liter and a quarter of cold water


    Crumble the chocolate cake (or cookies) and add oil, cream or butter to combine them and to be able to distribute well on a pan with a removable bottom. Wash the strawberries, remove the leaves and cut them into four. Beat them and when they turn into a creamy purée, add the two bottles or boxes of yogurt. In the meantime, prepare the jelly in half liter of water, no need to add nothing more, and then pour it into the blender, do not beat it too much and add the excess into the base of the cake. Leave it in the fridge all night. Before serving, decorare with fresh strawberries. You can accompany with a tablespoon of plain yogurt or light Finnish cheese sweetened with sugar.

    10. Cheesecake

    receta 10


    • 120 grams of strained wheat flour, two tablespoons of granulated sugar, 30 grams of cocoa, a pinch of salt, 45 grams of butter in cubes and at room temperature; 20 grams of egg yolk and 5 milliliters of vanilla extract for the chocolate crust.
    • 400 grams of low fat cream cheese, at room temperature; 12 grams of granulated sugar, 150 grams of egg, 15 milliliters of vanilla extract, 180 ml whipping cream and
    • 20 grams of wheat flour for the cheesecake.
      Raspberries or a mixture of red fruits and edible flowers for decoration.


    Chocolate crust: oil the inside walls of the molds, circular molds, with a little butter and por flour as well. Mix in a bowl the wheat flour, granulated sugar, cocoa and salt. Add butter and combine it with your hands. Add the egg yolk and vanilla extract and mix again until getting a dough with a uniform color. Enter the dough in a plastic bag and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Afterwards, slightly add flour to a table where you can work, in there stretch the chocolate dough with a roll until it has a thickness of 2 centimeters. Cover the work surface with oiled paper, add on it the dough and cut it with the molds; remove the remaining dough cuts and keep the chocolate disks into the molds.

    Cheesecake: Preheat the oven to 150 ° C. Beat the cream cheese with sugar until they become one cream. Gradually add the egg with a wire whisk. Add the remaining ingredients and whisk again until you get a smooth and blended mix. Pour the cheese mixture over the chocolate crust into the molds. Place a pan of water in the lowest part of the oven and bake the cheesecakes for 30 minutes or until they become firm. Remove from the oven and let them cool. Refrigerate the cheesecakes for 2 hours at least. Get them out of the molds and decorate them with raspberries or mixture of red fruits and edible flowers before serving.



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