Costa Rica’s Cerro Chato: the volcano that has been sleeping for 3,500...

Costa Rica’s Cerro Chato: the volcano that has been sleeping for 3,500 years



Facing the imposing Arenal Volcano, located in La Fortuna, San Carlos, stands fiercely another wonder of nature: the Cerro Chato.

It embodies a mystery as it is a stratovolcano that has been inactive for 3,500 years and at the top of its 1,140 meters in height has a crater lagoon of 250 meters in diameter which some days is green and others is blue, depending on the sunlight and the eyes that look at it.

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The name Chato, refers precisely to the appearance of the cone, which was destroyed by several explosions that happened a long time ago. Although its dimensions are small, with an explosion crater of 500 to 550 meters in diameter and a total area of ​​10 km2, in reality the Cerro Chato is the older brother of the Arenal Volcano because 3,500 years ago, when Chato’s last activity was reported,Arenal was just in the process of arising.

In addition, in 1968, when there was an eruption that marked the awakening of Arenal, considered extinct for its lack of activity before that, seismic focus whose epicenters were located in various parts of Cerro Chato were generated, which ultimately proved the relationship between the two formations.

El Chato is located southeast of the volcano, has two volcanic domes called Chatito and Espina, and is protected in the Arenal Volcano National Park.

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Next to the lagoon of the hill and the beautiful natural surroundings, composed of virgin forests and primary forest, the location offers other attractions such as ponds, trails and of course the magnificent La Fortuna waterfall, located on the eastern flank of the Cerro Chato and formed from lava flows of the stratovolcano about 38,000 years ago.





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